Productive Things


  • Meal prep: breakfast burritos, beef/potato burritos, roasted tomato salsa, banana/mango smoothies, chicken salad
  • Create nute schedule for autoflowers
  • Clean: bathroom (toilet, sink, sweep floor, wipe mirror), kitchen (dishes, clean counters, sweep/mop floor), living room (organize shelves, arrange pillows on couch), fold clothes
  • Dinner prep: burgers, smoothies
  • Date night w/ Wes: Endless Legend, Final Fantasy XIV

We’ve been on a burrito kick lately, which is great since it’s so easy to take to work and reheat. I’m thinking of making our own tortillas this weekend. It really depends on how much time I have. The only time consuming part would be flattening the tortillas.


  • Hiking w/ Jo: bring kush, smoothies, Polaroid Spectra & Minolta w/film
  • Dinner – not sure yet (if I’m being honest, we’re probably going to have burgers again)

Last Saturday, I made the best burger of my life. We enjoyed the burger so much that we decided to have them again this weekend. We usually order out when we do gaming/date nights, but this is so much cheaper and surprisingly just as delicious. Well, not surprising. I’ve been cooking for six years now. Speaking of cooking, I’m really excited to explore more baking. I want to create personalized cakes for friends/co-workers on their birthdays and for any special occasions. I loved decorating cakes when I worked at WinCo, and I’d love to get more creative with food.

Good Things:

  • Our new cannabis grow is doing beautifully. We decided to try autoflowers, and I’m eager to see how quickly they’ll start flowering. Currently in the middle of week two, and I’ll start the nute schedule on week three.
  • Had a really good conversation with my manager. He’s willing to help me expand my opportunities and has offered to pay for classes. I definitely need to take advantage of this opportunity.
  • I’m getting better about spending again. I was having difficulty with overspending, and I realized I wasn’t being as productive as I could be, so I was combating that boredom with spending. Case closed. Well, it’ll always be a little bit open, but I’m glad I’m recognizing what’s going on in time.
  • We’re getting really close to our emergency savings goal, and that means we can then focus on our retirement accounts that we’ve been sorely neglecting. Adulting can feel really good sometimes. I never realized how secure I’d feel with enough savings to last us six months.
  • Dillon and I talked today. I missed him so much. I hope he can visit before he starts school in August.
  • I turn 29 in a little over a month.
  • Ziegler hasn’t been feeling well lately, so Wes made an appointment for her on Monday. She seems to be eating and is a lot more active/talkative today, so I hope she’s feeling better.
  • I’m really proud of my progress.