Monday’s suck.


I’ve spent the past month trying to write a post but could never finish. Let’s try one more time!

  • We will be debt free by next month. After that, our next goal is to rebuild our emergency fund (one year’s worth) and then fully fund our IRAs and my retirement account through work. We haven’t really decided what to do after that, but we’re really happy with where we’re headed. I think if we continue at the rate we’re going, we can buy a house by our mid thirties.
  • I make obscenely delicious burritos. Wes is also obsessed with this corn salad/salsa I make. Why is fresh corn the best thing ever?
  • I love therapy. I had a rough patch a month ago, but now it’s even better. It’s just really cool seeing my progress from session to session.
  • For my birthday, I’m getting more plants and hopefully a septum piercing. Thought about it for a while and figured the time is now. Wes gave me my gifts early, and they were all incredibly thoughtful. I especially love the cape he bought me.
  • This is the happiest I’ve ever been.