Let’s see if I can actually publish rather than half finishing these posts.

  • We received a 90 day notice from our landlord. It’s hard finding a place in a decent location, but I’m feeling more optimistic than upset. Though it’ll be very difficult building up our savings again since we have to increase our budget by another $400. All I can say is that I better find a fucking house.
  • I started therapy on Sunday. So far, I really like it. I feel a lot more aware of how I treat myself. Yesterday, I filled out a questionnaire, and it made me painfully aware of how much I need help.
  • My sister contacted me yesterday. She’s having issues with mom and dad. My mom contacted me recently and apologized for how she treated me as a kid. It was over e-mail, but that’s definitely more than she’s ever done. She actually sounds a lot like me as a teenager. I feel awful for missing such important parts of her life. I guess I didn’t know where I belonged and instead of finding a way, I ran.
  • Summer Flake is flawless.
  • In the past few months, I’ve made an extra effort to open up and meet more people, but it doesn’t seem to work out. But I guess there are so many people out in the world, it’s not going to fit perfectly. Yhere were a few instances where I wasn’t interested in continuing the friendship just because I felt incompatible with the person, and I didn’t really feel like I was being me. The only time I really feel like I’m being me is when I’m by myself. I think that’s true for most people though. I’ve been looking at Meetup, and I plan on joining a book club.
  • I feel very uncertain about my life. Welcome to the club, Jo.