So I found the vinyl deal of the century (not really). Groupon has a 20% off deal, and I found another deal on Music Millennium ($20 for used items, only paid $8). And Music Millennium is celebrating their 47th year, so they’re taking off 20% for all new and used items. Yas.

This is why I’m broke.

I had the oddest memory come back to me. After I graduated high school, I moved to Roseburg for a few months, and I remember listening to all of my mix tapes. The drive felt so quick. The song I remember the most is The Light by Mirah. There are two versions, and my absolute favorite is the one from To All We Stretch an Open Arm. I played that song so much on my tape player that I knew exactly when to stop when rewinding.

  • This morning, I sat with one of my neighbors on the bus to work. It was really nice considering we never really see each other.
  • I think the best way to deal with workplace drama is to not deal with it. A co-worker and I used to be really good friends, but there was a mistake at work, and I took responsibility for my part, but she then stopped talking to me. It hurt a lot for bit, but I began to realize that I cannot control what people think or feel about me. And the more she separated herself from me, the more I realized she was very unkind (comparing childhood troubles, speaking over me and not letting me finish a thought, talking smack about everyone, including people she liked). She still makes a point to walk by my desk and talk loudly, but I’m not partaking in it. It’s just exhausting dealing with people like this. I don’t care enough to face her, and I guess in my way I’m participating in this, but I really don’t know what else to do. In terms of lifestyle, we couldn’t be more different, so I suppose that difference was bound to show up lately. I’d like to think I’m accepting of people’s differences, but maybe part of this is my fault? I don’t really know. I guess I feel really hopeless in terms of human relationships. But then again, I can’t control what other people choose to see in others. I know I should let this go, but I’m definitely hurt.
  • The enchiladas I made yesterday were fantastic.
  • I signed up for a booth at Crafty Wonderland. I plan on selling prints and photo books. I will know on the 29th if my application is accepted. Until then, I’m planning out photos to print and remaking a photo book.