A Week in Pictures: The Move

I was way over budget, but I purchased everything I needed.  My apartment feels perfect and like me.  The living room is considered The Black Room.  I don’t know how it happened but getting the cheapest furniture meant getting very plain colors.  The kitchen is The White Room and probably my favorite room in the apartment.  The bathroom is a combination Blue/Purple Room.  And my bedroom is The Gray Room.  Kind of bland, but I like how little pieces show up randomly from all of my old things.  Slowly getting posters and pictures up.  It already feels amazing.

Also, I am more excited than ever about my own fridge.  I will definitely eat what I like from time to time, but I plan on keeping it healthy and absolutely delicious.

I would like to thank Ikea for having the final couch that was on sale.  I would also like to thank my friends for being incredibly patient and putting up most of my furniture.  Having an apartment of my own in less than a day is no easy feat!


Hello, New Apartment.

Tomorrow, I move into an apartment of my own.  I will be glad once all of the madness is over, but I am waiting for the best part of all: a trip to Ikea.  I will be good and purchase only things I need.  I will stay within my budget.  I will be good.  Maybe.

What I am most looking forward to is preparing my first meal in my own place.  I am thinking I will be thoroughly boring and make more of my favorite meal of all time as of late: chicken parmesan.  I am already salivating at the thought of cheese over marinara and chicken.

I have prepared my move as thoroughly as I can.  This is what I did:

  1. A cost analysis of what I need to pay for (including rent, deposit, internet, groceries, Ikea, and Target).
  2. I made a Plan of Action which is a list of what I need to do in chronological order.
  3. I made a monthly list for things I will need to get all the time (dish soap, toilet paper, detergent, etc.)
  4. A complete furniture listing.  I tried to cut out as much as I could
  5. My grocery list, since I do sometimes use what my parents have (oil, butter, etc.)
  6. A floor plan I created with where I would like furniture.
  7. An envelope for all of my receipts.  Nerd Alert.

For the most part I’m staying pretty sane, but I was surprised on how much I spent last night just for things I needed AND keeping it very cheap.  I decided to splurge on a Brita water filter and get a cast iron skillet though… both of which were not in my Target shopping list.  But it frees up some time tonight for being thoroughly lazy and being too excited to fall asleep.

Excitement aside, I am ready for this.  I keep on brushing off my emotions, but I’m really overwhelmed right now.  Not with the responsibility but with growing up in general.  I can’t say I’m the most responsible being on earth, but the improvement I have made in my life is astounding.  I think I’m ready for that change to be reflected in every way.  I have become the person I want to be inside and out, and I will always deal with craziness sometimes.  I will always be faced with the person I used to be.  But knowing the person I am now just means it’ll be easier to fight that off.  I’m realizing now that I am so much stronger than my weaknesses. 

Tonight, I plan on getting everything purchased with the exception of furniture and a few kitchen items.  I don’t have too much, so this should be very quick, and I hope I can spend Sunday being lazy as hell, lounging around, and thoroughly enjoying every little thing around me.

As for weight loss, I have been losing slowly.  I have been walking a lot more and now I should be cooking a lot more.  I plan on having more recipes in the near future.

And now, to sit excitedly for the next three hours.